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Magnificent works by Donna Gallant

  • Sunday, September 18, 2011
  • Лексу

  •  Day by day is how I build my life and that is how I build my art. It begins somewhere in between the reality of the world around me and the fantasy of the world inside me. I am the mediator that seeks to create and express....

    Donna Gallant: "Peaceful surrender" 

    Donna Gallant: "Double tulip"

    Donna Gallant: "Fire Lily"

    Donna Gallant: "Sun Rays"

    Donna Gallant: "Moving rain"

    Donna Gallant: "Fragmented Bouquet"

    Donna Gallant: "Revealing Rose"

    Donna Gallant: "Tulip"

    Donna Gallant: "Heaven"

    Donna Gallant: "Iris 07"

    Donna Gallant: "Gladiola"


    Donna has also designed program covers for the Judo Club of Lethbridge and designed and executed costumes for ADDAC and local theater groups. She has been activitily involved with many arts organizations thoroughout the years including the Radish Factory, The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, the International Monoprinters, the Lethbridge Sketch Club, Alberta Winter Games, the Trap/door, just to name a few. 

    Donna has sat on juries such as the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grants and Collection purchases, Lethbridge Community College Advisory Board, and many local and regional groups and organizations. She is a member of A.A.C.E. (Alberta Agricuturial Community Exhibitions) and juries for the county and bench fairs on a regular basis. 

    Donna's work can be found in such collections as the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Collection, the Lethbridge Regional Hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Grande Prairie and many private collections throughout North Amercia and Europe. 

    Donna has not just confined her talents to the Arts but has done many years of volunteering for other local not for profit groups such as the Lethbridge Judo Club, Little League baseball, Lethbridge Soccer Association and many more. 

    Her family is always first in her life but her biggest passion outside of her family is her art making and the art that has always been in her life. Her favorite subject is the human figure because "it's what life is all about, ourselves, others and the world around us". 

    Enjoy her work and imagination.

    Copyright 2011. Donna Gallant. All Rights Reserved.


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