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Hao Ping Creations

  • Thursday, January 19, 2012
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  • Hao Ping Creations

    Hao Ping - born 1952

    Hao Ping I
    Chinese Printmaking Today - Article
    Chinese Printmaking Today - Article
    Mr. Hao Ping
    copyright Hao Ping
    In May 2003, we at artelinoreceived our first modern Chinese art prints. We were amazed and are beginning to learn about contemporary Chinese printmaking and artists. Hao Ping is one of them - an established artist, whose works were shown in a great number of exhibitions inside and outside of China. His art works are in possession of Chinese, Korean, British and US museums.
    We received the information on this page about Hao Ping from our partner in China. The last section titledOur Personal Impression reflects our personal opinion based on the prints we see.

    The Career of Hao Ping

    Hao Ping was born in Yunnan in China. In 1980 he graduated from the Department of Fine Art of Yunnan Art College.
    In 1986, he fulfilled studies at Central Fine Art College. In 1990, Hao Ping became a member of the evaluation committee of the National Youth Print grand exhibition. And in 1992 he became jury member of another important print and painting exhibition committee.
    Hao Ping is a member of different Chinese artist associations - the Chinese Fine Artist Association and the Chinese Print Artist Association.

    Exhibitions in China and Abroad

    Hao Ping II
    Chinese Prints - Article
    Chinese Prints - Article
    Moonlight in Forest, 1998
    copyright Hao Ping
    Prints and paintings by Hao Ping were widly exhibited in China, the United States, Japan and Europe. The following national and international exhibition events were listed - some without mentioning a year:
    • Chinese modern print painting exhibition - Japan
    • Modern Chinese print painting exhibition - U.S.A.
    • China Yunan multiple color painting exhibition - U.S.A.
    • Yunan contemporary multiple color painting exhibition of 8 artists - France
    • Yunan painting school painting exhibition - France
    • 1992 - European Community art festival fine art work exhibition - Netherlands
    • 1994 - Hao Ping personal work exhibition - Germany
    Exhibition events in China:
    • 1983 - prominent work award at the 8th national print exhibition
    • 1985 - granted with print world prize
    • 1989 - copper award of the 7th national fine art exhibition
    • 1990 - granted with print world award and Lu Hsun medal
    • 1992 - 11th national print exhibition
    • 1994 - copper award of the 12th national print exhibition
    • 1996 - gold award of the 13th national print painting exhibition
    • 1998 - 14th national print painting exhibition


    The works of the artist are in the possession of several museums in China and abroad.
    • 1998 - China Fine Art Museum
    • 1990 - Asia Pacific Museum, U.S.A.
    • 1991 - Hsiangsheng Forest Fine Art Museum, Japan
    • 1994 - Shenchun Fine Art Museum
    • 1996 - Kiangsu Fine Art Museum
    • 1996 - Lu Hsun Fine Art Museum
    • 1996 - British Woodcut Foundation
    • 1998 - Shenchou Print Museum

    Our Personal Impression

    Hao Ping III
    Chinese Prints - Home
    Chinese Prints - Home
    Flying Dance, 1995
    copyright Hao Ping
    When we saw prints by Hao Ping for the first time, we were astonished. We had never seen anything comparable before. A world of dreams is unfolding in front of one's eyes. Strong colors and exotic forms, fairy-like female bodies seem to hover in front of you.
    The impressiveness of Hao Ping's print works are underlined by their large sizes - from 60/60 cm (23.4/23.4 inches) to 90/90 cm (35/35 inches). The artist seems to prefer quadratic formats. All prints are limited editions with edition sizes from 30 to 200. They are signed, dated and numbered by the artist and were made in woodcut technique with multiple color blocks and personally printed by the artist on offset paper.
    With auction prices starting at $120 (note: this price was in 2003; now prices are considerably higher) for a print of the size of 60/60 cm, these prints are available at a fraction of what a collector would have to pay for a print by a contemporary Japanese, European or American artist of a comparable international reputation.
    We at artelino do not recommend to buy art as a financial investment. But if the protection of your financial expenses is an aspect for you, contemporary Chinese prints from artists like Hao Ping are definitely a hot recommendation. For a little bit more than what you would have to pay for a poster, you get an original work of art by a renowned artist, signed and numbered - what more could you want?!
    Dieter Wanczura
    (May 2003, updated May 2009)
     Copyright ©2001-2012 artelino GmbH. All rights reserved

    Most of Yunnan Artists

  • Sunday, January 8, 2012
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  • Most of Yunnan Artists

    Yunnan Artists I
    Chinese Prints - Home
    Chinese Prints - Home
    Lu Runeng, May - 1998
    copyright Lu Runeng
    Over the last 10-20 years, contemporary Chinese artists from the Southern province of Yunnan have acquired great fame as a flourishing art center - especially for modern art prints. First exhibitions have been held outside China. Western art critics and museum curators are beginning to speak of the "Yunnan Art School".
    The images on this page are link-sensitive and take you to other articles or web sites in which you might be interested.

    Artists from Yunnan

    On this page artelino introduces some of the artists of the Yunnan Art School. This is only a small selection of course.

    Hao Ping - born 1952

    Yunnan Artists II
    Hao Ping - Biography
    Hao Ping - Biography
    Hao Ping, Pray - 1991
    copyright Hao Ping
    Hao Ping was born in Yunnan in China. In 1980 he graduated from the Department of Fine Art of Yunnan Art College. He is one of the figure heads of the Yunnan Art School. Hao Ping had several exhibitions outside China - in Japan, USA, France and Germany. His works are in the possession of museums in the USA and in Japan. Hao Ping's prints are made in woodcut technique with thick, bright oil colors.
    The artist's favorite subjects are women in gorgeous costumes from the ethnic minority people in Yunnan. He uses flat, large areas, sometimes of nearly cubist forms. But his designs remain always very figurative. Art friends who like strong colors, will get passionate with Hao Ping art works.

    Lu Runeng - born 1940

    Yunnan Artists III
    Lu Runeng - Biography
    Lu Runeng - Biography
    Lu Runeng, Spinning - 1990
    copyright Lu Runeng
    Lu Runeng was born in Kunming in Yunnan province. In 1995 he graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Academy. Presently he works as a painter of the Qujing Art Institute.
    The print on display, titled "Spinning" won the Golden Prize of the 10th National Chinese Print Exhibition in 1990.

    Ma Li - born 1958

    Yunnan Artists IV
    Ma Li Biography
    Ma Li Biography
    Ma Li, Colors of Mountains, 2003
    copyright Ma Li
    Ma Li was born in Yunnan Province, China. Since 1986 he has exhibited widely in China, Japan and also in the UK. The artist works primarily in the woodcut reduction print technique. His work is very colorful and depicts the life of the rural minority communities in Yunnan. Ma Li teaches at the Simao University and has held workshops in woodblock reduction technique in Bristol, UK.
    Favorite motifs of Ma Li are mountains and its inhabitants. He has been attracted by mountains since he was a child. For him they are a place of mystery and fascination. In Yunnan with mountains as high as 6,000 meters - one of them has never been conquered by man yet - Ma Li finds the perfect environment for his inspirations.

    Shi Yi - born 1939

    Yunnan Artists V
    Shi Yi - Biography
    Shi Yi - Biography
    Shi Yi, Winter Moon, 1999
    copyright Shi Yi
    Shi Yi is professor at Yunnan Art College. His media is the woodcut. The printing technique used by him, is wet water printing, a specifically Chinese method that produces watercolor-like image. Shi Yi belongs to the major representatives of Yunnan Art School. His works are not only in Chinese museums, but in some major Western museums as well. The artist has exhibited in the U.S.A. and in Europe.
    The world of Shi Yi is the subtropical scene in Southern Yunnan along the Mekong river. His images take us to a perfect and intact environment and make us dream of Shangri La. Is it a dream or does Shangri La exist?

    Yang Yongsheng - born 1967

    by Yang YongshengYunnan Artists VI
    Yang Yongsheng - Biography
    Yang Yongsheng - Biography
    Lake at far Distance, 1991
    copyright Yang Yongsheng
    Yang Yongsheng was born in Yujing, Yunnan province. He graduated from the Print Department of Yunnan Fine Art Academy. Presently he is director of Qujing Print Institute. His art works are in Chinese and Japanese museums. Yang Yongsheng received awards at art exhibitions in Yunnan and in Canada.
    By spring time of 2004, we at artelino have seen only three prints by Yang Yongsheng. They are characterized by vibrant designs and color combinations. Yang Yongsheng print images create moods. Hasui Kawase would have liked them. (...and would have bought them in artelino auctions - smile!)

    Zhang Xiaochun - born 1959

    Yunnan Artists VII
    Zhang Xiaochun - Biography
    Zhang Xiaochun - Biography
    Zhang Xiaochun, Go Out, 1996
    copyright Zhang Xiaochun
    Zhang Xiaochun was born in Mojiang, in Yunnan province. In 1980 he graduated from Simao Art School (Yunnan) and in 1984 from Yunnan Fine Art Academy. The artist has received several outstanding, national Chinese awards. His art works are in the collections of several Chinese art museums.
    Zhang Xiaochun works in different styles. Some of his art works remind of French Fauvism or German Expressionism. We at artelino like especially his depictions of tribal people in yellow-brown-red colors. We have never seen anything similar before.
    Dieter Wanczura
    (April 2004, updated November 2009)
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