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Graffiti Expression To You - Global developments

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011
  • Лексу

  • Graffiti Expression To You - Global developments

    South America

    There is a significant graffiti tradition in South America, especially in Brazil. Within Brazil, São Paulo is generally considered to
     be the current centre of inspiration for many graffiti artists worldwide.[24]
    Artful graffiti in Olinda, Brazil
    Brazil "boasts a unique and particularly rich graffiti scene ... [earning] it an international reputation as the place to go for artistic inspiration."[25] Graffiti "flourishes in every conceivable space in Brazil's cities."[25] Artistic parallels "are often drawn between the energy of São Paulo today and 1970s New York."[26] The "sprawling metropolis,"[26] of São Paulo has "become the new shrine to graffiti;"[26] Manco alludes to "poverty and unemployment ... [and] the epic struggles and conditions of the country's marginalised peoples,"[27] and to "Brazil's chronic poverty,"[28] as the main engines that "have fuelled a vibrant graffiti culture."[28] In world terms, Brazil has "one of the most uneven distributions of income. Laws and taxes change frequently."[27] Such factors, Manco argues, contribute to a very fluid society, riven with those economic divisions and social tensions that underpin and feed the "folkloric vandalism and an urban sport for the disenfranchised,"[28] that is South American graffiti art.
    Prominent Brazilian graffiti artists include Os Gêmeos, Boleta, Nunca, Nina, Speto, Tikka and T.Freak.[29] Their artistic success and involvement in commercial design ventures[30] has highlighted divisions within the Brazilian graffiti community between adherents of the cruder transgressive form of pichação and the more conventionally artistic values of the practitioners of grafite.[31]

    Middle East

    Graffiti in TehranIran.
    Graffiti in the Middle East is slowly emerging, with pockets of taggers operating in the various 'Emirates' of the United Arab Emirates, in Israel, and in Iran. The major Iranian newspaper Hamshahri has published two articles on illegal writers in the city with photo coverage of Iranian artist A1one's works on Tehran walls. Tokyo-based design magazine PingMag has interviewed A1one and featured photos of his work.[32] The Israeli West Bank barrier has become a site for graffiti, reminiscent in this sense of the Berlin Wall. Many graffiti artists in Israel come from other places around the globe, such as JUIF, from Los Angeles, and DEVIONE from London. The religious reference "נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן" ("Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman") is commonly seen graffitied around Israel.




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