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Funny Art works by Tuula Moilanen

  • Monday, October 24, 2011
  • Лексу

  • Funny Art works by Tuula Moilanen

     Tuula Moilanen - born 1959

    copyright Tula Moilanen
    Tuula Moilanen is a printmaker, book artist and freelance writer, born in Kuopio, Finland, in 1959, with a very special passion for the world of 'all things Japanese'. Her style is a kind of witty, modern ukiyo-e and not comparable to anything else you ever may have seen before. Since 1989 she has lived in Japan.
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    • Finnish Printmakers Association (STG).
    • International Ukiyo-e Society, Japan.
    • Kyoto Art Council, Japan.


    copyright Tula Moilanen
    • 1978-1981 - Kankaanpae School of Fine Art, Department of Printmaking (Finland).
    • 1981 - 1989 - University of Jyvaeskylae. Faculty of the Humanities. (Finland). MA in Art education, studies in Art history and Philosophy.
    • 1989-1991 - Kyoto Seika University. Department of Printmaking. (Japan). Research student in Japanese woodcut and papermaking under the guidance of professor Akira Kurosaki.
    • 1992-1996 - Studies in papermaking, bookbinding and Japanese calligraphy under the supervision of Japanese masters in Kyoto and Osaka.
    • 1996-1997 - Studies in paper conservation and bookbinding in Florence, Italy under the supervision of Italian masters.
    • 2007-2010 - Research on the symbols of Time and Eternity in Japanese woodblock printmaking for PhD degree at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.


    • Solo and group exhibitions in Finland since 1980.
    • Group exhibitions in Europe 1985-1988 / 2004-05.
    • Solo and group exhibitions in Japan since 1990.
    • Group exhibitions in America/Canada since 2000.


    copyright Tula Moilanen
    • Teacher and lecturer of printmaking, papermaking and bookbinding in several art institutions in Finland since 1986, including courses in woodblock printmaking at the Finnish Art Academy.
    • Teacher of drawing and painting at Dessanjuku drawing school, Kyoto, Japan 2000-2008.
    • Lecturer of Aesthetics and Western art philosophy at Osaka Gakuin University 2001-2003.
    • Part time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University, department of printmaking, Japan since 2009.

    Main Publications

    • 1995 - Kaesintehty paperi (Handmade paper). Taide Art Publisher, Finland.
    • 1997 - Kirjansidonnan opas (Manual of bookbinding). Taide Art Publisher, Finland.
    • 1999 - The Art and Craft of Woodblock printmaking (3 authors: Laitinen-Moilanen-Tanttu).
    • Chapter of the Japanese woodcut techniques and its Western applications by Moilanen. UIAH Publications, Finland.
    • 2001 - Haru Ichiban (Artist life in Kyoto) Sharda publisher, Finland.
    • 2009 - Japaninmatkaajan Fraasikirja (Travelle's phrase guide to Japan). 3 authors: Moilanen-Komahara-Wai Lwin Moe. Translations and illustrations by Tuula. Atena publisher Finland.

    Selected Public Collections

    Sumo-wrestler Daizuyama
    Sumo-wrestler Daizuyama
    copyright Tula Moilanen
    • Parliament House of Finland.
    • Alvar Aalto Art Museum (Jyvaeskylae).
    • Wainoe Aaltonen Art Museum (Turku).
    • Mikkeli Art Museum.
    • Kuopio city collection.
    • Cultural board of Central Finland.
    • Kuopio Children's Hospital.
    • Jyvaeskylä Central Hospital.
    • Lappeenranta Medical station.
    • House of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo Bulgaria.
    • Honen-in Temple, Kyoto Japan.
    • Oni no Koryu Hakubutsukan Museum, Oe (Kyoto pref.) Japan.

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