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Hyun Jou Lee

  • Saturday, September 10, 2011
  • Лексу

  • Hyun Jou Lee
    " I Saw A River In My Dreams"

    Hyun Jou Lee
    "Morning Star"

          Born in Korea in 1965, Hyun Jou Lee remembers the day when, on the beach with her parents, she notices a figure in the distance who seems to be writing on a large sheet; as the child gets closer, she realizes that the person is reproducing the landscape before them: the sky, the ocean, the clouds, people along the beach and boats out on the open sea. From that moment, Hyun Jou Lee knows that some day, she’ll be a painter… After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, she divides her time between teaching and creating, and receives many awards in her country. Driven by her curiosity and her hunger for discovery, Jou Lee arrives in Montreal in 1994, where she continues her training and soon gains recognition from the public and collectors alike. Full review 
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