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Good works by Ken Pedersen

  • Sunday, September 18, 2011
  • Лексу

  • Good works by Ken Pedersen

    Ken Pedersen
    "Sunset Reflections 2"

    Ken Pedersen
    "Martian Landscape"

    Ken Pedersen
    "Still Anchor 2"

    Ken Pedersen
    "Rusty Numbers 3"

    Ken Pedersen
    "Ile de Rue 2"

    Ken Pedersen
    "The Globe"

    Ken Pedersen
    "Bronze Evening"

    Ken Pedersen was born in Bralorne British Columbia. After graduating from University, his photographic interests took him from bicycling through Europe to underwater photography throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Carribean. Now his talent has emerged from the surface of the ocean to highlight the beauty of simplicity in capturing the vivid colours and character of rusting freighters. Through Freighter Art, Ken strived to aesthetically portray the diverse array of shapes, colours and distinct industrial beauty of these hulking carriers while at peaceful anchor in 
    Vancouver British Columbia.
    All images are copyrighted by the photographer and Art Works Gallery


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