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Beautiful Steel - Life of Kristeen Verge

  • Monday, February 6, 2012
  • Лексу

  • Kristeen Verge
    Tulip Consciousness  

    Kristeen Verge
    Pleasantly Plump     

     Kristeen Verge
    Hidden Treasures   

    Kristeen Verge

    Kristeen Verge
    Dancing Tree


    Kristine Verge- 1950-2009

    The paintings in this collection represent the remaining original fine art pieces of Kristeen Verge which are now available to the public for purchase.

    Kristeen Verge held a BA in Graphic design and illustration and was a successful practicing artist for 28 years. She was also an active member of the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists). Her artwork is collected across North America and Europe.

    Her artwork is bright and bold. Known for her close-up semi-abstract florals, Verge also interprets landscapes, seascapes, homes and cats in her unique style. Her expression ranges from impressionist to illustrative...

    "Colours, brushes, canvases...and I’m in timelessness; free to express my passion. The rich reds, purples, yellows and greens mingle to create semi-abstract bold and uplifting fine art. As a professional artist, my intention is to impart the viewer with artwork that will make ones heart sing!" -K. Verge


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