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Major Arts of Chen Yongle

  • Saturday, December 10, 2011
  • Лексу
  •                                 Major Art by Chen Yongle

    Chen Yongle - born 1944

    Chen Yongle, born 1944
    Chen Yongle, born 1944
    copyright Chen Yongle
    Chen Yongle is a leading artist of what is today called the Yunnan Art School. He is among the few contemporary Chinese printmakers who can claim a series of international exhibitions. The artist works in the technique of reduction woodblock prints - printed with thick oil-based colors. Chen Yongle's works remind in technique and style of Hao Ping, another Yunnan Art School representative. Friends of Hao Ping will like Chen Yongle - and vice versa.

    Reduction Woodblock Prints

    Chen Yongle works in the technique of the reduction woodblock print. This technique uses only one woodblock to print all colors. At the end of the creation process a new edition is not possible because the states of the foregoing steps were destroyed. Yongle uses oil based inks which he applies opulent. It makes the paper surface look like a relief or oil painting. Chen Yongle's editions are from 50 to 100 copies - signed and numbered by the artist. Most prints are not dated. And most are large to very large in format with the exception of a few smaller ones. The prints vary in prices according to their sizes. The artist seems to prefer the portrait format.
    Chen Yongle's woodblock prints remind the viewer remotely of the works by Hao Ping. The application of thick oil-based colors, the use of flat areas and the common subject of showing the life of ethnic minorities are common bonds. Both artists are top representative of the Yunnan Art School - a term to describe a certain printmaking style that developed since the early 1980s in the South-Eastern province of Yunnan.


    Verticle Song
    Verticle Song
    copyright Chen Yongle
    The main theme of Yongle's art is the depiction of women from the ethnic minorities that live mainly in Southern Yunnan where China's neighbors Laos, Vietnam and Birma are not far away and where the climate is subtropical. Chen Yongle's women are depicted as a system of elegant forms and lines. Ornamental patterns dominate the arrangement of space and composition. The subjects look so poetic, almost mystic, although the basic design is simple.


    • President of the Yunnan Research Institute of Fine Art
    • Member of Chinese Artists Association
    • Member of Chinese Graphic Artists Association
    • Member of the Association of the Artists of Chinese Craft and Art

    Major Exhibitions

    Qin Rhyme
    Qin Rhyme
    copyright Chen Yongle
    • 1978 - "The Place of War" was selected for the exhibition of the National Military Print Works.
    • 1979 - "Pero Praise" was selected for the exhibition of National Art of the 30th Commemoration of the foundation of the People's Republic of China.
    • 1984 - "Heaving" won the copper prize of the 6th National Art Exhibition.
    • 1984 - "Wong of Peacock" was selected for the 6th National Art Exhibition.
    • 1986 - Exhibition of Yunnan prints in Australia.
    • 1987 - Exhibition of modern Chinese prints and exhibition of Yunnan Print Works in Japan.
    • 1989 - "Silver Fruit" - Copper prize of the 7th National Art Exhibition.
    • 1990 - Exhibition of twelve Yunnan artists organized by the Japan Educational Fund.
    • 1990 - "Silver Fruit" won the Gold prize of the Japan-China Prints Foundation Fund.
    • 1990 - Chen Yongle's works were published in the book "Annual Chinese Prints" and his name was added to the dictionary of Chinese contemporary artists.
    • 1990 - "Rice of Thai Nationality" was displayed at the 10th National Exhibition of Graphic Arts.
    • 1990 - Exhibition of hundred famous gaphic artists from mainland China in Taiwan.
    • 1992 - Exhibition at "Fine Art 92" held by the European community.
    • 1992 - Exhibition of "Contemporary Delicate Paintings", in the Netherlands.
    • 1993 - First exhibition in the U.S.A. and again in the Netherlands.
    • 1994 - Exhibition of artists from mainland China in Hong Kong.
    • 1994 - Solo exhibition in Belgium.
    • 1994 - Solo exhibition in Germany.


    • 1984 - Copper Medal at the 6th Exhibition of National Art, China
    • 1989 - Copper Medal at the 7th Exhibition of National Art, China
    • 1990 - Gold Medal by the Japan-China Prints Foundation Fund
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